I was sitting in my car as it was being damaged in a area close to my home. I was on my way to an outdoor BBQ with the Cub Scouts. I was heading there early to help set up. If I would have waited 30 minutes I would have stayed home because the hail came hard and fast.

Of course I felt helpless and knowing a tree would do mostly nothing to protect my car. I soon realized that I must just accept the fact that my new car was doomed and I might as well start thinking about who should be the one to fix it.

Life gives us little challenges and in the grand scheme of things this damage is so minor compared to an injury or a health issue. I will wake up tomorrow with a new outlook and preparations to get things fixed. I am sure you do the same thing in your life too, always working at getting things fixed or repaired. Sometimes getting rid of things are starting fresh with something new in cases of severe damage.

I am happy to be alive in such a great time and a great place. I thank my Heavenly Father for all my great blessings! It will be a great day tomorrow and I hope that I have inspired you in some way to look at the positives when it comes to silly things like worry about what Mother Nature does to our lives.

Always a new beginning each day,

Jim Urban