Many home sellers are being faced with this choice in today’s real estate market here in Governors Ranch and surrounding areas. In many cases people can find a buyer through such means in social media or through a friend or family member or even your real estate agent may have a pocket buyer directly for your home. Does this mean you made the right decision?

If you absolutely want to skirt the process of multiple showings and you have good reasons for not allowing tons of people in your home, then selecting only one buyer to buy your home may be the right choice for you. It may be more important than the potential extra dollars you could put in your pocket. I certainly have seen it go this way in some cases!

Having said the above, if getting the most dollars you need to go into your next home or to help you with paying off debt or just acquiring the return on the improvements you made in your home; then listing your home in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) with your real estate consultant is your best option to obtaining the most dollars in your pocket at the closing table.

Even when paying a commission, you are more likely to “NET” more dollars in your pocket when you allow your real estate consultant to market your home.

In some cases, we have seen several offers come in on homes when they go “LIVE” in the MLS. Yet even 2 offers that come in can be significant in the dollars in your pocket. You may see buyers offering way above list price and even add an escalation clause, the buyer may waive the appraisal objection, or even alleviate the inspection requirements. Anything is possible when the market is a seller’s market and you may be missing out if you don’t put your home out there in the open market.

I, Jim Urban, being the local neighborhood specialist in Governors Ranch adds validity to your options. I may have that pocket buyer for you if you choose not to show your home. I also can organize the synergy you need with my MLS skills to work at creating a multiple offer situation if you choose to market your home to the open market in the MLS system.

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